# Single Data Views (aka Layouts)

Tables can be a great way to see data for many records all together, but sometimes you want more information about a single record. Here is where single data views come in. They are fully customisable and all you need to do is drag and drop what you're interested in viewing into the page!

# Building single data views

Single data views are based off tables, so you can only have one single data view per table. Create a new view by navigating to Settings > Layouts then selecting the database where the table you want to create a view is. Click the Add new button. Once you've given your view a name and selected the table you're interested in you can customise it easily.

Drag and drop fields from your table into the panel.


You can drag as many fields into the panels as you want. If your table is related to other tables in your database you can also drag those into your view.


You can also toggle which fields you would like to be editable inline in your single data view.

# Settings

To access more settings for the view, click on the settings icon on the right hand navigation.


Making your view commentable will also give you access to the activity section of the single data view.


# Accessing single data views

Once you're happy with how you've set up your single data view you can access it by navigating to the table view and clicking on the first column of a record on your table. This will take you to the view for that record, with all the information you have selected to be visible, as well as the table data for any related tables you've selected to be visible.

Last Updated: 19/6/2020