# Permissions

If you would like to read more about why we decided to build the permissions for MissionKontrol the way we did, head over to our detailed blog post about it!

# Teams

Each user you create on MissionKontrol will be part of a team. There are three possible teams - Admin, Editor or User. These teams will be how you define the user's role and what they can see or do on MissionKontrol.

You can easily change a user's team by editing their settings via the Users tab in the Settings menu.


If you are an admin user you can edit a user's details, such as their name, their active status, password or team.


Teams also have separate settings that can be accessed via editing the team in the Users tab. Hover over the team user count to access the edit button:


A modal will appear with the settings for that team which you can then edit


# Table permissions

Permissions are split out between the three different teams on each database's table. Because MissionKontrol gives you CRUD abilities on your database tables, we've split the permissions in the same way.


If you want a quick overview of the permissions for your database, or you want to enable/disable all CRUD abilities on a table, just click on the icon for the table and team and a handy tooltip will pop up.


Or if you want more granular control over who can do what on a table, simply click on a table name and you'll be able to enable or disable each CRUD action per team.

Last Updated: 19/6/2020