# MissionKontrol Relay

MissionKontrol itself doesn't know anything about your application(s) in order to work, it just needs to connect to your database(s). But your application(s) might know things about the relationship between your tables that your database doesn't.

This is where MissionKontol Relay comes in.

MisisonKontrol Relay is a gem that provides your version of MissionKontrol with more information about your application (such as model associations and validations).

MissionKontrol Relay is an opensource Ruby gem that, once installed on your application, will allow MissionKontrol to request information about the associations and validations your might have on your database objects.


MissionKontrol will only be able to request this information from MissionKontrol Relay within your application via an access token that you will be given on install of the gem.

Alongside the access token you will also need to enter the domain url that MissionKontrol can access your application at. Before saving you can test that MissionKontrol can access the gem by using the 'Test Gem' button.

For more information on how to install it, go to github.

Last Updated: 15/5/2020