# How it works

Before installing and getting started, it's helpful to understand how MissionKontrol works.

MissionKontrol has one primary component:

  • The admin panel application which runs in a docker instance and connects directly to your database(s)

And one optional component:

  • An open source Ruby library, MissionKontrol Relay, which you can add to your application to improve associations and validations.

Both of these elements are 100% hosted on your infrastructure with no extra external elements.


When you run the admin panel and connect it to your database(s) it will analyse your database schemas and immediately make it possible to use tables, views and queues.



Using MissionKontrol Relay pull additional associations and validations from your models.

# Data privacy

MissionKontrol is 100% hosted on your servers by you. As currently set-up the only service it calls is to validate the license key which is described here.

Your admin panel can be completely disconnected from the internet and will work without issue as it pulls in no external assets.

For enterprise customers who do not want to allow their admin panel access to the internet we have alternative activation methods and plans.

We do have future plans to allow connections to external services however, these will all be configurable by you and disabled by default.

# Security

The connection beween MissionKontrol and your database is a standard database connection via username and password.

You can optionally enable SSL if your database supports it.


Between MissionKontrol and MissionKontrol Relay the connection is secured via a name and token key and if your application is SSL enabled it will be set enabled by default.


# No 3rd-party Tracking

As mentioned above there are no external connections to the admin panel. No tracking of any kind.

The only outbound calls currently are to validate license keys.


In future versions we will add connectivity to 3rd party applications which will be disabled by default.

Last Updated: 19/6/2020