# Getting Started

Getting started with MissionKontrol is easy! Follow the short installation instructions below, enter your license key (see registration) and you're good to go.

# Installation

Open a terminal window and run this command:

$ wget https://missionkontrol.io/auto-install.sh

Give it permissions so it can run:

$ chmod +x auto-install.sh

Run the installer:

$ sudo ./auto-install.sh --run

This should work for most operation systems. If you're struggling to get it working with these please check our more detailed instructions with more configuration options.

# Registration

If you haven't already registered and got your license key, simply go to register and get your license key. You can then use this key to enter the application and register a new user and organisation.

# Adding a new database

Navigate to the new database form by going to Settings > Databases > Add.

You're going to need your database details for this bit!


Once you've added your details, there is a handy little button you can use to test that the connection is working.


If the connection is happy you can go ahead and hit save. Well done, you now have access to your database in MissionKontrol! Now you're going to need to set up some permissions...

Last Updated: 15/5/2020