# Changelog

New feature releases and changes to MissionKontrol will be announced below with each new release.

# v0.2.1 (beta) - June 2020

Performance and stability enhancements.

  • Optimised queries for CRUD tables, now running at under 100ms for tables with over 1M records;
  • Improved validation for outcome field update settings on intelligent task queues;

# v0.2 (alpha) - May 2020

Our next release includes an exciting new customisable Single Data View as well as Intelligent queues.

Single data view

  • Create single data views with drag and drop builder
  • Add related tables to single data view e.g. see list of customer's transactions or people at a company
  • Make single data views commentable

Intelligent task queues

  • Create a queue
  • Query builder to select queue items
  • Success & Failure actions for a queue
  • View and action a queue
  • Automatically comment on record from queue actions

# v0.1.2 - March 2020

This release included the final features needed to have fully functional CRUD tables.

CRUD tables

  • Edit (multiple) records from within the table view
  • Configure settings for tables to set fields as mandatory etc
  • Delete (multiple) records from within the table view
  • Set editable fields

# v0.1.1 - Aug 2019

The first major release of MissionKontrol includes foundations for good CRUD tables and some initial trial ideas for layouts.


  • Search users
  • Set user active/inactive
  • Set user team
  • Add/remove edit users
  • Set team abilities (admin, editor, export, exportable rows)
  • Set databases & tables a team can: View, Create, Edit, Delete


  • Connect to database
  • Connect to mulitple (PostgreSQL and MySQL) databases;

CRUD tables

  • View table data
  • Sort columns
  • Show/hide columns
  • Sever side table data search
  • Add new records into table
  • Set mandatory fields for creating a record
  • Set nested table to show related records e.g. a user's transactions
  • Export visible records as CSV
Last Updated: 13/5/2020