# Changelog

New feature releases and changes to MissionKontrol will be announced below with each new release.

# v1.1 (alpha)

Our next release will include an exciting new customisable Single Data View.

  • Select which fields you want visible when viewing a single record so you can get better visibility of the things that matter to you.
  • Select whether you want to see related records from tables that are associated to the record

# v1.0

This release included the final features needed to have fully CRUD tables. You can now;

  • Edit (multiple) records from within the table view
  • Configure settings for tables to set fields as mandatory etc
  • Delete (multiple) records from within the table view

# v0.9

The first release of MissionKontrol includes the following:

  • Fully customisable permissions system
  • Ability to connect to mulitple (PostgreSQL and MySQL) databases
  • Customisable table views
  • Ability to add new records into tables
Last Updated: 13/5/2020